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Foster Care / System of Care

Foster Care

More Precious Than Gold: The Voices of Foster Care Children - Summary (2002) – This report summarizes the full report. It includes background information, recommendations, and youth development principals. (2 pages)
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More Precious Than Gold: The Voices of Foster Care Children (2002) – This report summarizes the results of focus groups conducted with West Virginia children in the foster care system. The purpose of the report is to encourage policymakers to approach system change by incorporating the thoughts and ideas of the children into a more child-focused system. (6 pages)
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2002 Expanding Health Care Coverage for Adolescents Transitioning from Foster Care to Independent Living Paper - This summary gives background information on adolescents transitioning from foster care to independent living, states health care needs, the cost, and recommendations. (1 page)
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What's Next: Navigating the Foster Care System - A Handbook for Youth - This handbook provides youth in foster care an overview of the system, an idea of what to expect and a knowledge of their rights. Download pdf

System of Care

Lessons We Have Learned and Preliminary Recommendations (2002)- This report addresses past planning, preliminary recommendations, and the use of a system of care approach to reduce the number of children in out-of-state placements. (4 pages)
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