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WV Community Voices, Inc.
West Virginia Community Voices works to improve health care for underserved populations in West Virginia through the development of state and community partnerships.

West Virginia Community Voices, Inc. does not allow indirect rates to be included in the budgets of subawards or grants they provide. Approved budgets are required to detail allowable expenses that specifically and directly support the services for which the award is made. The budget justification must clearly demonstrate how subawards and/or grant dollars directly pay for line items. Line items must be directly tied to services and/or clearly demonstrate their necessity for the success of the program for which funding is awarded.


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West Virginia Community Voices incorporated as a nonprofit in 2003 with seed money from the Kellogg Foundation. 
The first major project of WV Community Voices began in 2006 with a $50,000 Perinatal Partnership Planning Grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.
After more than a decade, the Perinatal Project continues to initiate and administer projects that work to improve health and health care access for underserved pregnant women and their babies.
In addition to funding for this project, the Benedum Foundation also awarded smaller grants to WV Community Voices for special projects, including funding for the Perinatal Telecommunications Summit, which resulted in close to a million dollar “Connect to Care Project” to link perinatal providers across the state. The Benedum Foundation provided a matching grant to funds for the Perinatal Outreach Education Project.
Additional grants to WV Community Voices included:

  • WV Health Care Authority funds to study drug use during pregnancy.
  • WV DHHR Maternal, Child, and Family Health funds to support scholarships to its conference.
  • March of Dimes funds to assist in developing the Neonatal Tool Kit.
  • National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy funds to address unplanned pregnancy.
  • Higher Education Policy Commission, Office of Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Rural Health Education project for Perinatal Outreach Education Projects. 

In 2009, WV Community Voices initiated the Long Term Care Partnership to strategically plan for the expected growth in the elderly population.  With funding from the Benedum Foundation, WV Community Voices brought together professionals from a variety of fields to foster West Virginians’ ability to age in place and with improved economic security in a setting they choose.   The Partnership continues its work under the name of Partnership for Elder Living, which incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization in 2016.  Visit www.wvpel.org.


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